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78 Needles


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Needles for playing 78 RPM Records



Floating Point Straight Style Needle

2 mil Sapphire Tip Floating Point $12

Can be used to play 78's or mono 45's/33's


Early Style "S"-Shaped or "Bent Steel" Sapphire tipped needles.

A brand new needle that's made to fit just about any 78 tone arm / pickup that uses a set screw to hold the needle in place. 

This covers a wide range of models from the early 30's through the late 40's and both magnetic and crystal type cartridges.

Replaces Astatic #N4-3S

3 Mil Sapphire Tip for 78 Records $19.99

Replaces Astatic #N4-3S

S Needles for 78 Models converted to play 7" 45 RPM Records

.7 Mil Diamond Tip $19.99

1 Mil Sapphire Tip $10

This set screw type needle fits Astatic, Ronette, Varco and several others

Sapphire 2 mil $10

Sapphire 3 mil tip $10

Astatic #51

The Astatic #51 cartridge was commonly used cartridge found in many phonographs from the late 40's thru the early 60's. 

If your cartridge looks like this

IMG_1771.JPG (7054 bytes)

Then you need this needle

IMG_2085.JPG (25068 bytes)

3 mil Sapphire tip for playing 78 Records, $29.99


NOS Needles for Playing 78 RPM Records

Below are new vintage needles that are made to fit many of 78 jukebox pickups

Unless otherwise marked they are 3 mil Osmium tip

All vintage needles are sold as-shown and are non-returnable items

Since these are mostly steel needles, some surface is possible


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Updated 4/9/2022