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Ceramic Magnetic



New Replacement Ceramic type cartridges

P51 Series

A very versatile ceramic type cartridge, designed to replace the old Astatic #51 used on multitude of mono turntables. 

This cartridge is designed to handle the heavy tracking pressures found on most phonographs of the mono era.

Available in three versions. 

8 gram tracking     0.5 volt output

Cartridge comes complete with Sapphire needle and solder lugs as shown

Version #1 For use with stereo or mono 45 RPM records or new 78's only (Sold with a Sapphire .7 mil stereo compliant needle) $19.99

Version #2  Use with original and reproduction 78 RPM records (preloaded with 2 mil needle) $19.99


Version #3  Use with original 78 RPM records (preloaded with 3 mil needle) $19.99


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P-51 Replacement Needles

IMG_2343.JPG (33413 bytes)

.7 mil diamond tip (perfect for stereo records) for 45/33 Records $14.95


1 mil sapphire tip, for mono 45/33 RPM Records $10 each


2 mil sapphire tip, for 78's $10 Each

3 mil Sapphire tip for 78's  $10

TN4 Cartridge

The TN4 is my best selling stereo ceramic cartridge.

 nice upgrade over old originals, but still very economically priced and extremely versatile.

Nearly universal 1/2" mounting, 4-6 gram tracking, 0.4 volt output

(Note: Fitment my require some modifications)

IMG_2284.JPG (13496 bytes)  IMG_2294.JPG (16618 bytes)

Comes complete with mounting bracket, solder lugs and diamond tip needle $23.99

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Optional 45-33 / 78, diamond .7 mil / sapphire 3 mil needle for P132  $12.99


Standard 33/45 .7 mil stereo replacement diamond needle for P-132  $12.99

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Sonotone 8T

The 8T is another very high quality cartridge. 

An excellent choice for any phonograph that requires a ceramic cartridge.

IMG_4588.JPG (19077 bytes)

Comes as shown with mounting bracket and needle. $119.99

Replacement Needle for Sonotone 8T cartridge

Stereo Compliant . 7 mil Diamond tip $13.95

Sonotone 16T

Use it to replace Sonotone 8T, 9T and 52T cartridges found in stereo versions of Wurlitzer models 2300S-3300.

It can also be used to replace the Astatic #215 and #133 found in 3400-3800, 7500 or 1050 models. 


(Note: Fitment my require some slight wiring modifications)

Comes complete as shown with mounting bracket $119.99 

 Replacement Needle for Sonotone 16T cartridge

Stereo Compliant .7 mil Diamond tip $13.99


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Updated 4/9/2022