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Zenith Cobra Cartridge

Jukebox customers, please click to the Wurlitzer needles page.

The Zenith Cobra cartridge was used in many mono turntables and phonographs including the Zenith Cobra-Matic. 

To replace the needle means replacing the entire cartridge as shown. It's a simple pull-out / push-in fit.

These are brand new - factory fresh and the latest design.

Available in three variations: 

3 mil best for playing original 78's.

New all green model replaces the original Red 97-3

  IMG_3758.JPG (33610 bytes)


2 mil diamond tip to play original and/or reproduction 78's intermix or with 78/45 intermix.

New all green model replaces the original Red & Green 97-2

IMG_3755.JPG (299180 bytes)

Sorry, this item is out of stock

.7 mil select this version for playing mono and/or stereo 45's

Replaces the original Green 97-1

IMG_2598.JPG (7283 bytes)

Sorry, this item is out of stock



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Updated 1/13/2020